Finished Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting ...
We cater to the Casting needs with the Quarter Century Experience. Being our core competency, we are competent to provide best quality Castings with Prime Focus on Aluminum and Zinc Pressure Die Cast Components.
From Small Square Plates to Complex Valve Body & Aesthetic Reflector Cover of Automobiles our capabilities are Endless.
Casting Capabilities
  1. From 5 grams to 5 Kilograms.
2. From 80 Ton to 400 Ton Machine Capability
  Materials we work with :
   Aluminium Alloy Castings :
  Japan Standards   : ADC 1, ADC 3, ADC 6, ADC 10, ADC 10Z, ADC 12, ADC 12Z
China Standards   : Y102 (YL102), Y104 (YL104), Y112 (YL112)
USA Standard                    : A360, 380, A380, 383, A384, 413, A413   
British Standards  : LM4, LM6, LM 24, LM25
German/Europe Std.       : AC-43400, AC-44300, AC-46000, AC-46100, AC-46500
  Zinc Alloys Castings : Mazak 3, Mazak 5, ZA 8, ZA 12, ZA 27

Tooling ...
  We provide complete tooling solutions for Die Casting Dies (Moulds) and Press Tool Development with Shot Guarantee, Jigs and Fixture for Machining and Assembly  

Conceptualization to Delivery ...
  From Concept to Delivery our Product Development and Manufacturing capabilities for Castings are always Innovative, Cost Effective, Design for Functionality and Satisfying Customer Needs.

Rapid Product Development ...
  With Rapid Prototyping, Benchmarking and Reverse Engineering capabilities our competency to design and develop products are matchless and On Time.

Product Design Improvements ...
  We are capable of Designing Products to Reduce Cost, Improving Functionality, ease for Manufacturability and Improving overall effectiveness with Skilled and Experienced Designers.

Minimal WIP Cost and High Quality Standards ...
  In-House R&D, Designing (2D and 3D), Prototyping, Tool Manufacturing, Casting, Machining, Testing, Validation, Painting or Powder Coating, Assembly, Packaging, Logistics and Stringent Quality Standards (ISO 9000:2001, Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies, etc.) help us beat customer expectation in terms of Inventory Holding Cost, Lead Time and Quality .

Small Lead Times...
  With in-house capabilities and strategically located we deliver goods with Ease and Shorter Lead Time to both Domestic and International Market.

Aluminum Alloy Ingots ...
We cater to the Aluminum Alloys and Zinc Alloy needs of New and Existing Customers.


Goals :

  1. Ventures and Strategic Alliance with Suppliers & Vendors to reduce cost and be part of Global Teams
  2. Maintain On Time Delivery (OTD) to 100%
  3. Maintain ZERO Safety Injuries and Hazards
  4. Become Lean Organization by December 2010
  5. Inculcate Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Methodologies in Product Development cycle by 2011
  6. To Reduce Internal and External Rejections to 4 Sigma level (99.4% - Non-Rejection) by 2011
  7. ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 Compliant by 2012
  8. Improve (Overall Equipment Efficiency) OEE through multiple KAIZEN.
Look for other Cleaner and Eco-Friendly Energy Alternatives for Energy needs of Organization.



Address :-

Mumbai Office :
B-55, Station Plaza, Station Road, Bhandup (W), Mumbai - 400078, Maharashtra, India
* Tel. :+91-22-6710 2835 Fax : (022) 6710 2835 * Mobile : 9820555788

* Tel. :+91-22-6710 2835 Fax : (022) 6710 2835 * Mobile : 9820555788

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